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Then [Jesus] said to them all, "If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will save it. (Luke 9:23-24, HCSB)

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

John 1:1-12 in Latin, Marked and Translated

The following is the Latin text of John 1:1-12, as used by the Latin 2B class at Sayers Classical Academy (SCA) in Louisville, KY. The text is not identical to the Vulgate. (Im not sure where it came from originally; it looks a bit simplified.) I did add the Vulgate for the second half of verse 7, which was not present in the file I received (because students in Latin 2B at SCA do not know subjunctive forms). Id appreciate comments on the text from other Latin teachers.

1a.  In principio erat Verbum,
1b. et Verbum apud Deum,
1c. et Verbum erat Deus.
2.  Is erat in principio apud Deum.   
3a. Omnia ab Eo facta sunt;
3b. sine Eo, nihil factum est, quod factum est.
4a. In Eo erat vita,
4b. et vita erat lux hominum.
5a. Et lux lucet in tenebris.
5b. Et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt.
6a.  Fuit homo, missus a Deo,
6b. cuius nomen erat Ioannes.
7a. Hic venit et didit testimonium de luce
7b. ut omnes crederent per illum.
8a. Non erat ille lux,
8b. sed de luce narrabat.
9a. Erat lux vera,
9b. quae illuminat omnem hominem,
9c. veniens in hunc mundum.
10a. Is erat in mundo, et mundus factus est ab Eo.
10b. Sed mundus Eum non comprehendit.
11a. Ad suum gentem veniens,
11b. et sui gentes Eum non acceperunt.
12a. Sed illis qui Eum acceperunt,
12b. dedit potestatem fieri filios Dei.

Here is the same text, marked and translated. Again, Id appreciate any Latin teachers/students observations or questions concerning the markings and translation.

        in + AblNS  3sImpAI NNS             
1a. ( In principio )    erat     Verbum,  | 
      In the beginning was the Word,

    conj. NNS             apud + AMS
1b. et   Verbum      (  apud  Deum, ) | 
and the Word [was] with God,

     conj. NNS 3sImpAI NMS
1c. et Verbum   erat      Deus.
      and the Word was God.

  NMS 3sImpAI in + AblNS      apud + AMS
2.  Is  erat          ( in  principio ) ( apud  Deum.)   
     He was          in the beginning with  God.

     APN ab + AblMS 3pPerfPI      
3a.  Omnia (  ab  Eo ) facta  sunt; 
All things have been made by Him;

       sine + AblMS NNS 3sPerPI         NNS 3sPerfPI
3b. ( sine  Eo, )       nihil   factum est, [ quod  factum   est.]
without Him, nothing has been made, which has been made.

       in + AblMS 3sImpAI  NFS    
4. ( In     Eo )       erat          vita, | 
      In    Him       was          life,

     conj.  NFS 3sImpAI     NFS   GMP
4b. et         vita     erat         lux     hominum.
        and the life    was  the light of men.

      conj. NFS 3sPAI in + AblFP
5a.  Et      lux  lucet   ( in   tenebris ).
And the light shines in the darkness.

     conj. NFP      AFS    adv.  3pPerfAI
5b.  Et  tenebrae   eam    non   comprehenderunt.
    And the darkness did not comprehend it.

                PN       3sPerfPPtc                                                       
3sPerfAI NMS     NMS     a + AblMS
6a.   Fuit  homo,    missus  (  a   Deo, )
There was a man, sent     from God,

           GMS  NNS    3sImpAI NMS
6b. [  cuius   nomen      erat    Ioannes.]
         whose   name       was     John.

     NMS PerfAI conj. PerfAI ANS        de + AblFS
7a.  Hic   venit   et    didit    testimonium   (  de  luce) |
This man came and gave testimony about the light,
    conj.     NMP   3pPAS             per     +   AMS
7b. ut       omnes  crederent        ( per           illum. )
   so that all men might believe through that man.

        adv. 3sImpAI ^   NFS  
8a.   Non   erat   ille     lux,   | 
       He was not that  light,

      conj.  de + AblFS  3sImpAI
8b. sed    ( de   luce )    narrabat.
      but he was telling about the light.

3sImpAI NFS ^ NFS   
9a.  Erat   lux  vera,
He was the true light,

        NFS   3sPAI        AMS   ^  AMS          
9b. [ quae  illuminat    omnem   hominem, ]
       which illuminates every man,

      NMS         in + AMS ^ AMS
9c. veniens    ( in    hunc   mundum.)
      coming    into   this    world.

NMS 3sImpAI in + AblMS conj. NMS     3sPerfAI        ab + AblMS
10a.  Is   erat  ( in  mundo, ) | et   mundus    factus   est    ( ab  Eo.)
       He  was    in the world, and the world was made    by Him.

       conj.  NMS        AMS    adv.   3sPerfAI
10b. Sed   mundus     Eum     non   comprehendit.
       But the world did not understand Him.

         ad +       ^   AMF      NMS      
11a. (  Ad  suum  gentem )   veniens,  
And when He came to His nation,

         conj. ^ NFP      AMS adv. 3pPerfAI
11b. et  sui  gentes    eum    non  acceperunt.
             his clans did not accept Him.

      conj.DMP NMP AMS 3pPerfAI  
12a. Sed  illis  [ qui   Eum  acceperunt, ]
    But to those who accepted Him,

        3sPerfAI               AMS         PAInf.      AMP GMS           
12b. dedit                      potestatem fieri           filios  Dei.
     He gave [them] the power to become the sons of God.