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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Thoughts on the Mahaney Detractors

[I discussed this with a couple of beloved brothers earlier this evening, but in case I say things differently than they would want them articulated, I will not mention their names here.]

As the Together for the Gospel Conference was underway this week, it seemed like the small, vocal group of Mahaney detractors amped up their efforts to protest against C.J. Mahaney's continued acceptance as a faithful gospel minister.

Those who wanted to expand their protest against Mahaney attempted to point to personal testimonies of disaffected Sovereign Grace church members and blamed others for not taking the truth seriously. In response, I would like to note to things:

1. Mahaney has been cleared by faithful gospel ministers. The board of directors for Sovereign Grace Ministries apparently looked over the charges against Mahaney carefully, and they issued a statement affirming his fitness to serve. Mahaney's fellow ministers with Together for the Gospel seem satisfied that the charges did not merit them censoring Mahaney. Now Mahaney's detractors yell, "Conspiracy!" Well, to be quite honest, it is certainly possible that a conspiracy of sorts is taking place. The other T4G guys are definitely friends with Mahaney, and the other board members at SGM may be personal friends with him as well: but the common blogger or T4G attender is at the mercy of those trusted ministers in this matter, especially since Mahaney's detractors may not be telling the entire story accurately. If the detractors are in the right, they will certainly be vindicated before God and the SGM/T4G leadership will be accountable to God, but based on the decisions of the SGM/T4G leadership, the detractors cannot expect a mass protest to break out against Mahaney.

2. It's your own fault! There is a real sense in which the detractors-- even if they have been legitimately wronged-- yet have no room to complain. If you are a disgruntled former SGM member, then guess what: you voluntarily joined a group whose leadership claimed apostolic authority and the ability to receive new special revelation through modern-day prophecies! Given that theological understanding: instead of complaining that the man who wrote The Cross Centered Life may have been a jerk to you,  you should be praising God that your charismatic leader didn't turn out to be Jim Jones!


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