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Friday, November 25, 2011

"Cobb Neighbor" Promotes Mormonism

A week ago yesterday, the Cobb Neighbor, a newspaper in the Atlanta-metropolitan area, ran a full-page story about the "I'm a Mormon" advertisements being utilized by the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (the main denomination of Mormonism).

The story, written by Marcus E. Howard, lacks any sense of journalistic integrity, for it makes passing mention of "some Christian leaders who have questioned [Mormon] religious practices," but, without exception, all quotes in the article are from Mormons, who argue that Mormons "are Christians:" the other side of the story is not represented at all.

Without comment or rejoinder, Bishop Robert Walton is quoted as saying:
[Mormons] are Christians and members of the church have a devout belief in the Bible; we follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we accept him as our personal savior and redeemer.
Any Christian who has studied this issue at all could have easily given Howard a response to Bishop Walton's claims, pointing out that Mormons have historically re-defined ALL of the theological terms-- crucial terms such as "Bible," "Gospel," and "Jesus Christ"-- in the quote above.

Thankfully the Cobb Neighbor-- a popular publication-- is also a free publication, so that non-Mormon readers do not have to feel that they have paid to promote Mormonism. However, I wonder if the advertisers who do pay for the production of this publication would be comfortable with the thought that they are paying for the promotion of Mormonism.



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