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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alcohol (1)

On August 9, John MacArthur published a now-[in]famous blogpost cautioning us "Young, Restless, Reformed"-types that,

If everything you know about Christian living came from blogs and websites in the young-and-restless district of the Reformed community, you might have the impression that beer is the principal symbol of Christian liberty.

and that,

Real Christian liberty is not about flouting taboos and offending conventional notions of propriety.

Among the "Young, Restless, Reformed" crowd Dr. MacArthur's words on this subject have been controversial, to say the least.

In a follow-up post at the Grace-to-You blog, defending Dr. MacArthur's previous article, Travis Allen wrote,

[MacArthur] is expressing a perfectly legitimate pastoral concern, which is shared by Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and many other faithful pastors.

As someone who agreed with Dr. MacArthur's point and who is genuinely thankful for my alma mater, I was glad to see President Mohler and Dean Moore cited in support of Dr. MacArthur's position. Tomorrow it is my hope to outline some thoughts from the audio file of Drs. Mohler and Moore, which is linked above, and which Allen linked again at the end of his post.



Blogger Darrin said...

Hey Andrew,
I saw a little of this, and really didn't take alot of time to read up, but I felt similarly off the bat (that MacArthur's concerns were legit), and also that some of the "YRR" bloggers were perhaps overreacting. (I read one called something like "Old, Grumpy, and Reformed".) Not claiming to be an expert - I'm not even sure why YRR folks are "restless" (guess it's in the book), and I'm still working on emerging and emergent - but there does seem to be some glorification of things low-brow in some theological circles, and perhaps the pendulum can swing too far from the fundamentalist extreme after all.

11:24 PM  

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