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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mark Driscoll: Takes on the Pyromaniacs Recent Post (1)

Recently on the Pyromaniacs blog, Phil Johnson posted an article concerning a 2008 sermon in which Mark Driscoll claimed an ability to see bizarre visions [this blogpost can be read HERE]. A major point Johnson wished to make in his post was to highlight the silence of more biblically sound pastors/theologians who hold to a "continuationist" or "charismatic" view. Below is a slightly edited version of a comment I placed on the Pyromaniacs blog:

Johnson's post seems to say that the continuationist position necessarily leads to a failure to criticize Driscoll et al. But why couldn't someone like a Grudem or a Piper [two who have written/spoken in favor of the "continuationist" position] grasp Johnson's point that the Holy Spirit would not show such images (esp. to someone like Driscoll) and grasp a biblical definition of the gift of discernment (such as articulated in Tim Challies' The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment), and call out MD on these bases alone?

Don't misunderstand: I'd like the entire "Reformed Charismatic" movement to embrace a more comprehensive understanding of the necessity and sufficiency of Scripture, but I'm hoping that Johnson's post (and others) will prompt them to think more critically about teachers like Driscoll even if they don't immediately embrace cessationism.



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