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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Comparison/Contrast of Family Radio Responses to the Failed Rapture Date

When the Lord did not return on Saturday, some of the first responses from Family Radio (the vehicle for the failed "rapture" prediction) were promising. On Sunday, May 22, as Harold Camping remained in his home, not speaking with the media, ABC News spoke with Tom Evans, a board member of Family Radio, and reported the following:

Evans said his personal position is that the public is owed an apology and he wants the board -- and Camping -- to meet on Tuesday to figure out what to say and do next.

On the same day, NPR quoted Evans as follows:

"I don't know where we went wrong other than that we obviously don't understand the Scriptures in the way that we should."

Both of the above statements seemed to provide some hope that people around Mr. Camping may be urging him to repentance, and that we might have reason to expect him to be humble and apologetic in the statements that he would make last night.

As we know now, repentance was not forthcoming from Mr. Camping. During last night's "Open Forum" broadcast on Family Radio, the self-proclaimed Bible teacher declared himself more humble than all pastors because he was willing to admit he was mistaken about some incidental details (such as the physical nature of Christ's return), he told those who trusted in the details of his May 21 prediction that they would just have to "cope," and he continued to proclaim that October 21 of this year will be the end of the world, now accompanied with the physical return of Christ.

Immediately following last night's "Open Forum" broadcast, a recording of someone other than Mr. Camping announced that God had been merciful in allowing five additional months (until October 21) for people to repent. But this seems to contradict Mr. Camping's new teaching about the spiritual Judgment Day that he claims did come to pass on May 21. In context, as Mr. Camping apparently meant to compare the time period following May 21 with what he claimed took place between May 21, 1988 and September 7, 1994, along with his statements that there will be no more billboards or campaigns leading up to October 21, it seems that Mr. Camping is now teaching that no people can find salvation after May 21.

We pray that no more people will be deceived by Mr. Camping, and that those who previously trusted in this false teacher (who perverted the gospel) will find salvation.



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