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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christian Preachers Must Preach Christ Without Fail

Recently, I heard a sermon in which the preacher never once mentioned Jesus (or "Christ") or the gospel (whether by name or content). This was extremely troubling to me, for reasons that shall become more clear in following posts. I also think that the situation of a Christian preacher failing to preach Christ can be instructive to me and to anyone reading this blog.

The purpose for this post

The reason I am writing this post is NOT to cast stones at the particular preacher that I heard. Knowing of this preacher from other contexts, I am sure that Christless preaching is NOT a hallmark of his ministry. Also, I would be quite surprised if the preacher I heard would not be genuinely repentant over his failure to point people to Christ in this context, if a friend or co-pastor were faithful to point out this failure. Therefore, I will not mention this preacher's name, but will instead, in posts over the next few days, focus on the following issues:

1. Why would a conservative preacher fail to preach Christ?
2. The consequences of failing to preach Christ
3. Lessons we can learn from Christless preaching

I plan for these upcoming posts to provide a springboard to future posts on Christian communication in general.

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