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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Together for the Gospel 2008 Conference Registration Now Open

Mark Dever
Ligon Duncan
C.J. Mahaney
Al Mohler

John MacArthur
John Piper
R.C. Sproul

Near the end of 2005, when my friend Jorge Ponce first told me about the then-upcoming 2006 Together for the Gospel conference (the conference was held about this time last year), I was certain he must be mistaken. I honestly thought that he had just seen a list of the most excellent preachers currently speaking in America today and somehow had become confused, thinking that they were all speaking at the same place. (Sorry, Jorge!) Once I found out Jorge's information was accurate, I finally registered to go.

Having been tremendously blessed by the event in 2006, I was extremely excited to hear that another T4G conference would take place in 2008. Registration for this conference recently opened, and just after I registered myself, I began writing this post. I would strongly encourage any minister reading this to consider attending. All of the men of God listed above are scheduled to return, as well as Thabiti Anyabwile.

A video concerning the 2008 T4G conference can be seen HERE.



Blogger Nathan White said...

So....does my family have a place to stay next April? Oh boy, that would be a handful...with two infants in the house.

Hey, I can stay at Timmy's!! Oh, wait a minute....there will be an extra little one there as well.

Children: they really do change your life.


7:34 PM  
Blogger ajlin said...


I definitely hope to see you up here again even before next April, no matter where you end up staying.

Your brother in Christ,

5:26 AM  

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