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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Albert Mohler on a Young Earth: Why not just join the consensus?

Earlier this year, Dr. Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, took part in a friendly debate with Dr. Jack Collins of Covenant Theological Seminary regarding the age of the earth. In the following quotes (from about 30 minutes into the debate), Dr. Mohler gives his reasons for speaking against an 'old earth' understanding of the universe. I post these here because I think that these reasons are well-stated, and they represent my own view of the matter as well.

"Why not just join [the current consensus of 'settled science'] and affirm a universe that is billions of years old? Well, the answer is this:

"[1] I believe I am bound by Scripture as read by the Church for 1800 years and a view that is symphonically affirmed by Old Testament texts [even] outside of Genesis.

"[2] I believe that the embrace of an 'old earth' comes with theological and hermeneutical consequences that can have far-reaching effects (and potentially damaging, doctrinally harmful effects).

"In summary, I believe that an affirmation of an 'old earth' universe is:

"First, NOT most faithful as an act of biblical interpretation;

"Second, NOT most in keeping with the consensus fidelium;

"Third, NOT without potentially disastrous theological consequences;

"[Fourth], NOT required by the evidence (particularly, the biblical evidence)."

You can watch the entire video of the debate HERE.



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