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Then [Jesus] said to them all, "If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will save it. (Luke 9:23-24, HCSB)

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sermon Notes from "What Infuriates You?" Sermon by Dr. W. Keith Stell.

[Sermon from this past Lord's Day morning at New Georgia Baptist Church.]

I. Introductory Statements/Question

A. "Our purpose is to know God."

B. "The purpose of the salvation He has given us is to glorify Him."

C. "We must be in Christ, and He must be in us."

D. "Do we, in this place, truly believe that we possess the only message of hope...?"

II. Introduction to Acts 17

A. Acts encompasses about thirty years of church history.

B. Acts is a good instruction for how we are to live as a church today.

C. In Acts 17, Paul had just been release from being incarcerated in a Philippian jail for having cast out a demon.

Q: How are we to respond when our proclamation of the gospel is rejected?
A: Paul continues to boldly proclaim the truth.

III. What Infuriates You?

A. Paul's spirit was provoked by the idolatry of the Athenians.

B. How do we react to the idolatry in our own culture?

C. Idols:
1. "rob God of His glory;"
2. "cast God away;"
3. "people will become like the idols they worship."

D. Pride is the elevation of human reason to where it becomes the center of truth.

E. The right response to being provoked is to proclaim the gospel.

IV. How are we to respond to the robbing of God's glory?

A. We are to examine our own lives, confessing/repenting concerning what has replaced God in our own lives.

B. We are to plead with others concerning Christ, and we are to persevere in teaching the whole counsel of God.



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