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Friday, October 26, 2012

Adoption: A New Move of the Spirit

Last week, my friend Josh Pinnick gave me a call; in part of the conversation, Josh gave me the exciting news that he and his wife Amanda are in the process of trying to adopt two children.

More and more of my Christian friends have been involved in expanding their families through adoption.

I believe that this is due to a special move of the Holy Spirit, working through a somewhat new development in the history of Christian doctrine and practice.

Christian doctrine properly develops as the Church seeks to apply Scripture to particular problems. Wrestling with these problems (whatever they may be) causes the Church to search through and apply Scriptures that may have otherwise been overlooked or inadequately reflected upon. So, for example, the Bible passages that are pertinent the fact that the right relationship of sinners to God is dependent upon adoption-- passages such as Eph 1:3-5; 2:11; 2:19; Gal 3:28-29, etc.-- have always been in Scripture since the close of the New Testament canon, but the doctrine of adoption has not been properly emphasized throughout much of Church History.

Partly because the doctrine of adoption has been somewhat underemphasized or underdeveloped in the Church, the practice of adoption has been neglected. The Church has always cared for orphans and widows-- the practice of caring for the most vulnerable members of society is the very essence of true religion that will be accepted by God, as taught in James 1:27-- but sometimes church members have sought to keep such care at an arm's length. For example: in past generations Christian ministers, congregations, and denominations have been at the forefront of caring for orphans through establishing orphanages [note the works of George Whitefield and George Mueller]-- and this is a great thing-- but sometimes financial contribution to an orphanage can serve as a substitute for taking personal responsibility to raise up a child in a Christian family.

For anyone who wishes to think further on the subject of adoption, I highly recommend Adopted for Life by Dr. Russell Moore; the teaching in this book was one of the main contributing factors in motivating the Pinnicks' decision to adopt. Some selections from this book can be read from following the links HERE.



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