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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Ed B. Young's Message Contra "Reformed Theology:" Some Questions

“I can talk over your head like that *snap*. I know the Hebrew, the Greek: I know theology; you can tell I know.” - Ed B. Young
Sunday before last, Ed B. Young-- head of the "Fellowship Church" network-- delivered a message titled "Cool-aid: Homeboy." Several minutes of this message were dedicated to warning listeners against "reformed theology." (You can listen to the relevant portion of the message below: I'm honestly not crazy about the random pictures that pop up on the Youtube video, but this is the only way I know to link to this one section of what was said.)

As someone who is Reformed Baptist by theological conviction, I suppose that Young's words were intended to be directed-- in part-- to me and my like-minded friends (although many of his implied accusations are baffling to me, and I honestly think that at points he confused "reformed theology" with "emergent theology," which is quite different).

Anyway, as I was listening to the audio of Young's words against "reformed theology" I had several questions. I emailed these questions, which I include below, to Young, and-- although I do not expect a response, because he is (I'm sure) incredibly busy-- I do hope that he gives them prayerful consideration.

[Note to readers: the following questions will not make much sense if you have not heard the anti-"reformed" portion of Young's message.]

1)    What do you mean by “reformed theology”? Who are some of the main proponents of “reformed theology”?
2)    What proponent of “reformed theology” also wears “skinny jeans” and “V-necked shirts”?
3)    In what sense does “reformed theology” often lead to a “deformed ecclesiology”? (BTW: As a Baptist, I do believe that many who have a “reformed theology” also have a “deformed ecclesiology,” but I’m wondering what you mean and how you think “reformed theology” leads to a “deformed ecclesiology”?)
4)    What proponent of “reformed theology” replaces preaching the good news of Jesus with a mere “social gospel”? (I ask especially because I have heard it claimed from others that those holding to “reformed theology” care only about preaching and not enough about doing good for the poor.)
5)    In what way is the gospel as preached by those who hold to “reformed theology” different from the gospel that you preach?
6)    Do those who hold to “reformed theology”-- according to your understanding-- not believe in John 3:16? Do they not believe in the word “whosoever”?
7)    What Bible passages speak about sinner’s “freedom of choice”?
8)    Is it true that growth in churches holding to “reformed theology” occurs due to transfer of members from other churches rather than conversions? Is this pattern of growth (due to transfer rather than conversions) more marked in churches holding to “reformed theology” than in other evangelical churches? Can you point me to some statistical research that would speak to this subject?
9)    You speak of “26 baptisms” as something virtually irrelevant; how many baptisms should a church have in order to be meaningful?
10) You mention knowing Hebrew and Greek: what specific Bible passages from the Old and New Testament (and what specific Hebrew and Greek phrases) are relevant to this subject?



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