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Then [Jesus] said to them all, "If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will save it. (Luke 9:23-24, HCSB)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sermon Notes from Nahum 2:3-13, "If God Be Against Us," by Tray Earnhart

[The following notes were taken at the 10:45AM service this morning at Kosmosdale Baptist Church. The sermon is available to hear on-line HERE.]

I. Introduction
A. Our society values:
1. Not offending anyone ever, even at the expense of truth;
2. Minority for the sake of minority.
B. Our society should value:
1. Not offending God;
2. Truth.
C. We must proclaim offensive parts of the gospel message:
1. Concerning Man: that we are not the center of the universe and that we are sinners;
2. Concerning Christ: that He died as a sacrifice bearing God's wrath against sinners.

II. Three Scenes of Ninevah's Destruction from Nahum 2:3-13
A. Gathering for Battle, Preparation and Panic (vv. 3-5; cross-reference: Zephaniah 2:13-15); application:
1. Could similar judgment come upon America? (We have been trying to ready a defense without consideration of the LORD.)
2. Could similar judgment come upon America's churches? (We have been trying to defend against the problems of secularism without proper consideration of the gospel.)
B. Devastation (vv. 6-10)
C. A Taunt from the LORD Against Assyria (vv.11-13)
1. The LORD declares that He is against Assyria (v. 13a).
2. This is in direct contrast with the declaration that God is FOR His people (Rom 8:31).

III. How Can You NOT Offend God?
A. Psalm 2:11-12.
B. 1 John 3:19-24.

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