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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nationalized Healthcare? (Part 1): Two concerns

As healthcare reform is currently being debated in Congress, I would like to dedicate a few posts to thinking about this issue.

In this post, I would like to point readers to the July 23 broadcast of the Albert Mohler Radio Program. On this program, guest host Dr. Russell Moore interviewed two democrats who raised concerns over the proposed healthcare reform.

Dr. Moore's first guest was Kristen Day, the Executive Director of Democrats for Life. Day pointed out that any legislation for the government to provide universal healthcare must specifically state that this healthcare will not include funding to provide for abortions; if a prohibition against abortion provision is not explicitly stated, then precedent would dictate that abortion would be covered, and thus all tax payers, even those who object to abortion, would find themselves contributing to state-provided abortions- a serious ethical dilemma indeed.

The second guest was Congressman Gene Taylor (D-MS), who raised concerns over how nationalized healthcare would be funded. Taylor proposed some alternatives to nationalized healthcare, which would address some issues raised by those calling for reform in a more fiscally responsible manner.

I strongly encourage everyone reading this to listen to the radio program described above, which is available HERE.



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